Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Body glide - why the sunscreen? 1 drop of knowledge

So my family and I were laughing about why a person would buy body glide with sunscreen. The glide is supposed to stop chafing but why would you need it in places where the sun do shine? Hmm, well, I think it has to do with the transitions. For example, we recently received our wetsuits and I glide all the far flung areas of the wet suit, like my calves and wrists and neck. Then after swimming when I bike, I take off the wetsuit (not like my helmet when I transition from biking to running) and those areas are exposed, but still all glided up. So the body glide stays and so does the sunscreen. Now you know.

Transitions or Bike helmets make running aerodynamic...

One thing that is important in a triathlon is transitions. You transition from the watery wonderland to a bike, stripping off swimming clothes and pulling seaweed out of your ears. You need to put on shoes, biking helmet, sunglasses, etc. After biking, you need to transition to running. A few weeks ago, we had our first transition clinic that involved biking to running, and our coach did a "look to your left, look to your right..." at least one of you will start running with your bike helmet on. "Fools" I thought.

As you may be able to see in this picture, this is me running holding my bike helmet after running with it on for 10 minutes before someone stopped me. "It's a very common mistake and easy to do for someone as focused as I am" I thought. If you look to your right and left and don't know who the fool is...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Update - January 13 2009

We just started increasing our training time and the difficulty of our workouts. It's going well, everything is coming along and this weekend we do our first swim in open water. That's right, the SF Bay is about to welcome Dylan Rivas into it's murky mysteries. I apologize for being very remiss in updating this but things have been busy. I'll get a few updates online in the next few days, but be confident I continue to work toward my goal and recently recommitted to the event.

Also I have nearly raised my and anticipate going over this amount. I humbly offer a giant thank you to everyone who has donated! I was legitimately worried about raising enough money but was and continue to be overwhelmed by your collective generosity especially in the current economic climate.