Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Transitions or Bike helmets make running aerodynamic...

One thing that is important in a triathlon is transitions. You transition from the watery wonderland to a bike, stripping off swimming clothes and pulling seaweed out of your ears. You need to put on shoes, biking helmet, sunglasses, etc. After biking, you need to transition to running. A few weeks ago, we had our first transition clinic that involved biking to running, and our coach did a "look to your left, look to your right..." at least one of you will start running with your bike helmet on. "Fools" I thought.

As you may be able to see in this picture, this is me running holding my bike helmet after running with it on for 10 minutes before someone stopped me. "It's a very common mistake and easy to do for someone as focused as I am" I thought. If you look to your right and left and don't know who the fool is...

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