Monday, April 6, 2009

Arrival in HI

We arrived in HI on Friday around noon. It was overcast but beautiful as traveled highway 19 to our hotel. The resort was huge and annoying and there were three ways to arrive at our hotel room: walk, train, or boat. As my friend said as we walked our bike to front lobby for about the 50th time, "How about a f@(*ng bike lane?" as 800 or more triathletes walked bikes back and forth. Maybe I'm not a resort guy.

I had a terrible $18 sandwich before a friend and I walked outside the resort, passed the pool then passed the other pool to sit by the ocean. We saw 2 whales breaching (a new word to me, breaching seems to mean whale jump) and walked into the water. I cut my foot in 3 places on the hard rock, which in retrospect might not have been a great idea. I just thought of the crazy tropical fungus I got in the middle of nowhere Honduras when I could hardly walk and thought, hmm, hopefully. not. Three of us rode our bikes to the store to buy basic supplies, mostly bread to eat before the race, some wheat thins, and of course beer and wine. We drank beer by the ocean and watched the sunset when I saw the first of 3 turtle sightings. There were two turtles just off the shore swimming around, one even flippered out (a term I just made up for when a turtle puts his flipper out of the water) then a turtle put his head out and looked around. A good sign. We biked back to our rooms and called it a day.

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