Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Commercial break - Beljum Budder

I can't speak for this product as highly as I can for Tiger Balm (when are they going to officially sponsor me? How shameless do I have to become? How much pride must I toss aside?) because I haven't used it, but it sounds great. This is the only product you will ever need for all natural, vegan approved chafing protection: And it's paraben free!

This product is a sponsor of Team In Training so I do imagine it's quite good. What really caught my eye was the description on the Community Friends of Team in Training webpage:
"Beljum Budder is a paraben-free professional quality chamois and skin lubricant that provides maximum protection from chafing and other friction related problems for endurance cyclist and runners. Our surprisingly light, yet highly effective formula contains a unique blend of botanicals, essential vitamins and other ingredients which have been specifically designed to address the lubrication needs of the long distance athlete while eliminating some of the harsh chemicals found in other balms. Beljum Budder contains no parabens, lanolin or petroleum. It's s fragrance-free and non-greasy. Beljum Budder contains absolutely no animal ingredients, by-products or derivatives and is considered vegan. The natural choice for chafing protection."

Rock on Beljum Budder. I was 9 words into the description when I read chamois and thought, oh, they make scarves. I don't know if a scarf is a chamois really, but it is in my head. It wasn't until word 11 that I realized what this was for. And I just bought Glide last weekend to stop chafing. Should have done my homework. And Beljum Budder is fragrance free, not like glide which makes you smell like a stinky sweaty triathlete!

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