Saturday, December 13, 2008

Donor sadness - reality

I just found out one of my generous donors has cancer. I believe it was in his kidney, which was removed, but has now spread to the other kidney. As you may know, as cancer spreads it can spread quickly. Although this is cancer, it is not one of the cancers LLS addresses. Regardless, he donated, he supported me, and as much as I can I support him. I would have supported him regardless as much as I can. Sometimes there really isn't much anyone can do in these situations or this life except hope for the best and be available when people need you.

I don't know many details or what his prognosis is, but I wish him the very best. I wish all my donors and all my family and friends and everyone the best, but him especially now. This is why we should all remember there are things that may not be affecting us right now but might, and work to make the world a better place while we have the strength and the resources to do so.

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