Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why donate #4

Because I went for a 70 minute bike ride in a pretty hard rain on Sunday to show my commitment. I learned I need some waterproof gloves. I also learned the value of the recommended sunglasses with exchangeable lenses. Riding in the rain with the clear lenses meant I didn't have to squint to see so my face didn't tense up which tenses your shoulders. And as we all know, your shoulders are connected to your (pause) back area and the back area is connected to the ... you get the ideas. Minimizing these types of things is good. Bravo to glasses with different lenses!

Then, to show my lack of commitment, I didn't do the promised award blog and here it is 2 days later and it still isn't done and I have thank you email to write and don't even get me started on the hand made thank you cards. I can't draw a person on a bicycle - it looks like an octopus inventing the wheel! "Egads, it's a wheel!" said the octopus. But what good is a wheel in the water? Silly octopus, should have invented the nuclear submarine.

Try drawing a person on a bicycle, it's not easy.

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  1. We're trying to donate through Pete's company -it's coming. :) Just found out my uncle-in-law has leukemia. :(

    I plugged you, maybe it'll help, although not that many people see my blog:


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