Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tiger balm and training follow up

One of the reasons I decided to pursue a team for my first triathlon was to ensure I trained in a healthy way and developed good habits. Although I played sports in high school, I never trained for an endurance event. Even in middle school when I ran the two mile in track, my daily workout consisted of me running exactly two miles and going home. Looking back, not much of a wonder why I always finished last. Plus I was fat.

Anyway, after a hard first 3 weeks of training I feel good. Although my body is generally tight, it's not generally sore. I stretch every morning and every evening, and before and after workouts. I can almost touch my ear to my pinky toe!

I am also usually hungry. This is, according to my coaches, expected as I convert lazy fat to lean hungry muscles. It happens constantly, even as I type this. That's why I am hungry again after eating about one hour ago. This week is a light week, still 5-6 days of training but shorter times, letting our bodies adjust and rest after the first three weeks. And a good time to catch up on our drinking...

The best news is I haven't needed Tiger Balm in over 10 days. That's good. My body is adjusting to the routine. Yesterday was our day off but I really wanted to run. I crave it in a way. To avoid injury, our coaches really stress using our days off to actually rest. So I did. I feel good and I'm running later with a friend. It's a beautiful 60 degree and we will run along the bay, throw rice-a-roni at the tourists, and play with the sea lions (they like to be tickled behind the ears- what mammal doesn't?). Should be fun.

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